NoDa Family Scavenger Hunt



Here are clues for 10 pieces of NoDa street art. Read the clue and use the map to locate the artwork that fits the clue. As you go along, if you need more information click "Find out More."  Tag us with any fun photos or comments @artwalksclt on Instagram

Clue #1


A profile is a view of the side of someone’s face. Find the mural by @napoletanoart with a large profile of a woman’s face. Now take a photograph or draw the profile of someone you are with today. 

Clue #2


 Find the @wallpoem (a poem on a wall). Solve this word scramble for the two words in the poem. 

A C E O N 

___________________ and _______________

Clue #3


I am a symbol for Charlotte, the Queen City. What am I? _____________.  

Find me in a mural by @osirisrain that also has letters spelling out Charlotte included in the background. Draw a creative version of the symbol of Charlotte.

Clue #4


Do you decorate your trash cans? Find the dumpster that has been turned into art by @osirisrain and @poetwastaken. What kind of flowers do you see on the dumpster?

Clue #5


  I am very tall, sit on legs and hold a lot of water. What am I? _______________. I am in a mural with 274 people. Find me. Artist @mr_puckett painted 274 community members in this mural. Find one that is doing something you would like to do.

Clue #6


I am a type of flower that grows in the water and mud and can live for up to 1000 years. But in NoDa I am in a community mural painted on the street. What kind of flower am I? 

Hint: Unscramble these letters for name of flower. U S O L  T

Clue #7


This mural by @hookermedia and @puckmcgruff tells the story of NoDa with American Revolutionary heroes, the Highland Mill No. 3, and a burglar running off with a neighbor’s chicken in all grey-scale tones

Clue #8


I am a cat wearing a sweater. But I am also a bike rack and a sculpture by @theronross.  What geometric shapes do you see in me? 

Clue #9


Find the artwork which has a spool of thread and an artist’s hand which are larger than life, meaning that they are painted much bigger than they really should be. You can see the history of NoDa from left to right in this mural by @redcalacastudio

Clue #10


I have a long snout and two ivory tusks and sometimes I am viewed as a symbol of power and strength. What am I? ________________ Find part of me in a mural. Create a new animal by combining one animal’s body with the legs or arms of another animal. Draw your creation.

Thank You!


We hope you enjoyed the Scavenger Hunt for NoDa Street Art!